About me

Hi, hiyo, hello, yoooo! My names Brittany and I’m glad you made it to my site. I’m an avid gamer and cosplayer. I’ve been gaming since childhood, starting with NES, SNES, Sega, N64, and the PS1. As a kid, I would play games with my two older brothers. Unfortunately, we had systems, but not a wide variety of games. Til this day, I still feel like I’m playing catch up on some older games. When I turned 17, I started going to a local Lan Center in Metairie, LA (New Orleans) and would stay there gaming until the place closed. This is when I really started gaming hard, mostly playing Counter Strike: Source, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Quake 3.

Alright we get it, you’re a gamer. Besides that, I also cosplay! In 2011 I made my first cosplay, Yoshi! He’s one of my favorites. I’ve slowly upgraded this cosplay over the years to look better. Since then I have done some other cosplay’s which can all be found on my FB page, I recently also just did my first commission for a friend. I’d say late 2014 is when I really decided I wanted to cosplay more. It was really a matter of time before I acquired certain base tools to get the job done.

Aside from game shizzz, I have two furbabies <3 My dog is a Dachshund named Amigo and my cat is a Bengal named Mordecai (Cai). Yall will most likely hear them in the background of my Youtube videos, I’m still working on keeping the pup quiet during games.

If you guys want to know anything else, hit me up on Twitter! It’s possible I’ll make a post about it or alter the About Me page. I’m still working through the new site jazz and am still tweaking some things.

Thanks for checking in, much love!
<3 excited

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Founder (July 2018) and Admin.

Nomads: Org for the wandering gamers. Consist of eSports teams and streamers.
Moderator (April 2018 – July 2018), Member, Streamer of the Month February 2018

Team Foxglove: All female Overwatch team. Originally under Death Blossoms for 1 year, rehomed to Nomads in 2018.
Founder, Former Captain/DPS Flex player (January 2017 – May 2018)

Death Blossoms: An all female Overwatch community.
Event Organizer (January 2017 – March 2018)

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