Just a girl that loves video games. Over the past few years I started getting into cosplay, I'd say around late 2014Β I started making cosplay's a lot more frequently. I also stream on occasion. Be sure to check out the About Me page for more details and accomplishments <3

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Currently uploading videos from my Overwatch, Team Foxglove scrims. Hoping to upload some MVCI game play in the future. I may start uploading Vlogs and more. If there’s anything y’all would like to see, just let me know via social media! :]

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igetexcited added a new photo.Sunday, February 17th, 2019 at 9:15pm
Week 7: City of the Dead (alternative)

Since New Orleans buries the dead above ground, I was toying with a City of the Dead at night(ish) shoot. I almost got locked in the cemetery waiting for it to get dark πŸ˜‚The best I could get was at sunset and tried to turn day into night but the tree in the background was giving me hell. Was going to submit this if I didn't get a better shot tonight, which I did!

#sony #sonyAlpha #a6300 #beAlpha #BrittanyKruebbePhoto #52frames #photoCritique #amateurPhtographer #52frames_alternative #nola #newOrleans #exploreNola
igetexcited added a new photo.Sunday, February 17th, 2019 at 8:55pm
Week 7: City at Night
Bonus: 5" or longer
ISO 100 - 5s - f/2.0 - 12mm #Rokinonlens

New Orleans Ferry Boats, located Downtown right in the heart of the city. Historically, Ferry Boats are used to make transportation of people and goods easier from the West Bank to the East Bank and vice versa. On top of that, they make for a great sight when walking in Downtown New Olreans. If you're ever strolling the French Quarter, be sure to walk a block up to the river to check out the sights!

Now I had a struggle this week, stay tuned for my alternative pics that weren't submitted for this week!

#sony #sonyAlpha #a6300 #beAlpha #BrittanyKruebbePhoto #52frames #photoCritique #amateurPhtographer #rokinon12mm #52frames_cityatnight #longexporsure #ferryboat #neworleans #nola #exploreNola #natchez
igetexcited posted 2 photos.Sunday, February 17th, 2019 at 1:44pm
New lens hype to add to my kit! Just got the #rokinon12mm wide angle lens. Hype!
#sony #sonyAlpha #a6300 #rokinon
igetexcited added a new photo.Sunday, February 10th, 2019 at 12:39pm
Week 6: Your desk
Bonus: Tell a story
ISO 400 - 1/40s - f/3.5 - 16mm

Pet mom, gamer, photographer.

Mordecai: I'm just gonna knock this over and this...
Amigo: "Bro what are you doing?! You know mom doesn't like you up there!"
Me: Facepalm. Pets, am I right?!

Typically when editing or looking at my pictures, I need to take a step back to refresh my eyes after looking at them for a bit. What better else to do than to play a video game for a bit! Aside from this, coming into this week I thought this challenge would be super easy. Little did I know that taking a flattering picture of a rounded corner desk is NOT easy lol. I took the idea of shooting from above to try to depict the entire room since it gives a good background of myself.

#sony #sonyAlpha #a6300 #beAlpha #BrittanyKruebbePhoto #52frames #photoCritique #amateurPhtographer #captureOne #nintendo #SNES #switch #52frames_mydesk #codeandquill #dachshund #bengal #thebestofbros #streamer #mydesk #astros
igetexcited added a new photo.Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 at 11:33am
Week 5: Dirty
Bonus: 5 Clicks
ISO 100 - 1/125s - f/3.5 - 16mm

Just a really old pair of shoes. This pair of #converse I use to wear in high school over 14 years ago! Not sure why I haven't trashed them yet since I do have newer pairs, but this old pair now serves as my yard work shoes as you can see from the grass stains. While I'm sure there are more comfy yard shoes out there, this pair seems to do me just fine. This pair of shoes have been through some shit. Call them my old faithful if you will.

#sony #sonyAlpha #a6300 #beAlpha #BrittanyKruebbePhoto #52frames #photoCritique #amateurPhtographer #52frames_dirty #allstar #chucks #shoes #dachshund #Amigo
igetexcited added a new photo.Sunday, January 27th, 2019 at 3:53pm
Week 4: Macro
Bonus: Focus stacking (not completed)
ISO 800 - 1/20s - f/5.6 - 45mm

It was a matter of time before I submitted my first pet picture. I had a few great ideas for this weeks challenge, but didn't get around to playing with odd objects like I wanted to. Meanwhile, I did have time to hang out with Mordecai.

#sony #sonyAlpha #a6300 #beAlpha #BrittanyKruebbePhoto #52frames #photoCritique #amateurPhtographer #52frames_macro #bengal #cat #Mordecai #Cai #greenEyes #macro #macrophotography


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