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My current portfolio

I am currently still in the process of learning. Once I have more shots that I feel are Portfolio worthy, I will be adding more sections to the site. Stay tuned!


Brittany Kruebbe, a girl with too many hobbies, trying to find her way in making them all collide and work together cohesively. I’ve been into Video Games as far back as I can remember. From there I picked up cosplay, streaming, and finally am diving into the world of photographer.

Being passionate in all these area’s, I am determined in making them all work together in my daily lifestyle without compromising each other.

Hakuna Matata. <3


Most frequent questions and answers

I’ve used the tag igetexcited ever since online gaming and LAN centers came about. Since then, gamers and fellow cosplayers have known me as excited.

I’ve debated making a separate account for photography, but decided to go with using my tag for now since its already in place.

Yes and no. While I love streaming, this is the one hobby I can give up to do better on the others. 

I will not be streaming full time and on a schedule. It’s exhausting and feels forced for me. With that said, I will stream on occasion for fun and events. So be sure to keep an eye out for these occasions!

I only started photography in 2019. Its been something that I’ve wanted to get into for years but I could never justify the cost of the equipment. I decided its that the justification excuse was wack and it was time to take the plunge and I couldn’t be happier. I have been having so much fun learning this new hobby.

I shoot with a Sony a6300.

Yes! I just don’t have time to make them consistently all year around. Making costumes from scratch is super time consuming. 

I will make costumes when the urge strikes, when I plan to attend conventions, and when anyone wants to collaborate on projects together.

Founded and run by two friends and myself, FoxFyre is an open community for those who enjoy gaming and streaming. From casual to competitive, streamer or supporter, we open our community to you!

As we grow, we are hoping to host seasonal events for the community and possibly even venture into the eSports world.

Check out our website for more info or jump right in to our Discord community!

If there was enough interest in it, I would be willing to sell prints of my artwork. I need you all to let me know though!

52 Frames

52 Frames is an online community which offers a guided weekly photography challenge, designed to help you improve your skills. Every week, they send you a new assignment. You have 7 days to take your shot and share it with the community. Together, they give feedback and guidance to help you grow.

I wanted to post my weekly shots to stay accountable with myself and to be able to look back and see my progress from within my first year of shooting. This album is not to be taken as my main portfolio of work, but to be analyzed and to see my growth in photography.

I choose 52 Frames because I liked the weekly challenge idea. I don’t quite know what my favorite type of photography is to shoot yet, so being given assignments will help me explore all the different topics. I’ve been enjoying this so far and learning all kinds of techniques. 

Alt text
Week 1: Self Portrait
Bonus: Imperfections (elbow scar)
ISO 200 - 4s - f/3.5 - 16mm kit lens
Week 4: Macro
Bonus: Focus stacking (not completed)
ISO 800 - 1/20s - f/5.6 - 45mm kit lens
Week 7: City at night
Bonus: 5" or longer
ISO 100 - 5s - f/2.0 - 12mm Rokinon lens
Week 10: Symmetry
Bonus: Reflections (not completed)
ISO 100 - 1/1000s - f5.6 - 12mm Rokinon lens
Week 13: New
Tell a story
ISO 100 - 1/2500s - f/5.6 - 12mm Rokinon lens
I was on vacation, so edited/uploaded from phone
Week 16: Nature
Bonus: Wildlife (not completed)
ISO 100 - 0.2s - f/11 - 12mm Rokinon lens
Week 19: Texture
Bonus: Dramatic textures
ISO 100 - 1/6s - f/1.4 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 22: Black and white
Bonus: Use a 10-stop ND filter (not completed)
ISO 100 - 1/640s - f/3.5 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 25: Blur
Bonus: Panning (not completed)
ISO 100 - 1s - f/9 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 28: Rule of Odds
Bonus: Street photography (not completed)
ISO 100 - 1/2500s - f/2 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 31: Product photography
Bonus: We give you a brief! (Not completed)
ISO 100 - 1/125s - f/11 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 34: Fork
Bonus: Artificial light
ISO 100 - 0.2s - f/9 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 37: One light source
Bonus: Softbox with a grid (not completed)
ISO 400 - 1/40s - f/1.4 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 2: Rule of Thirds
Bonus: Action
ISO 800 - 2s - f/3.5 - 16mm kit lens
Week 5: Dirty
Bonus: 5 clicks
ISO 100 - 1/125s - f/3.5 - 16mm kit lens
Week 8: Uncommon
Bonus: Portrait of a stranger (not completed)
ISO 100 - 1/800s - f/5.6 - 12mm Rokinon lens
Week 11: Experimental photography
Bonus: Shoot with film (not completed)
Shot with phone, PC died and I was sick, so was mostly out of commission
Week 14: Food
Bonus: Liquids (not completed)
ISO 100 - 1/160s - f/2.0 - 12mm Rokinon lens
Was sick from vacation this week and not enthusiastic about this challenge at the time
Week 17: Upside down
Bonus: Portrait of a stranger (not completed)
ISO 100 - 1/250s - f/2.0 - 12mm Rokinon lens
Week 20: Lying down
Bonus: In a public place
ISO 400 - 1/100s - f/2.0 - 12mm Rokinon lens
Week 23: Stairs
Bonus: 10mm or wider (not completed)
ISO 100 - 1/320s - f/10 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 26: Hands in frame
Bonus: Studio lighting
ISO 100 - 1/50s - f/1.4 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 29: Music
Bonus: Rear curtain flash (not completed)
ISO 100 - 20s - f/9 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 32: Warm
Bonus: Portrait (Not completed)
ISO 100 - 1/25s - f/11 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 35: Distortion
Bonus: Lens whacking (Not completed)
ISO 200 - 1/200s - f/1.4 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 3: Hello from
Bonus: 16mm or wider
ISO 3200 - 1/20s - f/3.5 - 16mm kit lens
Week 6: Your desk
Bonus: Tell a story
ISO 400 - 1/40s - f/3.5 - 16mm kit lens
Week 9: Negative space
Bonus: In the studio
ISO 100 - 1/50s - f/2.0 - 12mm Rokinon lens
Week 12: Old
Bonus: HDR (not completed)
ISO 100 - 5s - f/11 - 12mm Rokinon lens
Week 15: Blue hour
Bonus: A place you've never been (not completed)
ISO 100 - 5s - f/11 - 12mm Rokinon lens
Week 18: Dark side
Bonus: Self portait (not completed)
ISO 800 - 1/60s - f/1.4 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 21: Favorite song lyric
Bonus: Collaborate with a friend or stranger
ISO 500 - 1/25s - f/3.5 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 24: Fast shutter speed
Bonus: 1/4000th or faster (not completed)
ISO 400 - 1/2500th - f/1.4 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 27: Edited by someone else (Vero)
Bonus: Shoot/edit in RAW
ISO 100 - 1/640s - f/1.4 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 30: Beauty in the mundane Bonus:
Shoot with film (not completed)
ISO 100 - 1/50s - f/5.6 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 33: Night photography
Bonus: Astrophotography (Not completed)
ISO 100 - 0.1s - f/1.4 - 30mm Sigma lens
Week 36: Transportation
Bonus: Panning (Not completed)
ISO 400 - 1/60s - f/1.4 - 30mm Sigma lens

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